kid memories this week

I took Soren in for a well-child checkup yesterday and was told he had double ear infections.
"Has he had a lot of ear infections before this?" the doctor asked. I couldn't remember.
Then we chatted about the flu shot. "Will this be his first year getting one?" I couldn't remember. Sigh.
So I was once again reminded why I write a blog. Sure, I don't usually include vital statistics like height and weight (75% and 23% this go round) or if/when each child gets sick. But at least I have something!
Most ironic detail about all this Soren business this week? Up until the doctor visit, he had actually slept all night 4 nights in a row.
I couldn't remember the last time he'd done that. But then again, I can't remember anything. 
Here is his perplexed and blurry face. Had to capture the fact that he wants hats on all day, even for breakfast.
Don't worry, he's back to up for hours in the middle of the night. Soren! You are a dear but my dear, you are terrible at sleeping. Except when you're in the early stages of double ear infections. Then sleep on, my man.
This fall will be remembered (ha! only because it's being blogged about) as the time when Annie's reading and writing skills took off, in the best "hukt-awn-fonix-wurkt-fur-mee" (or in Annie's case, "my" because the eee sound at the end of words equals a y) kind of way.
On Monday, her homework was to draw a picture of something she was grateful for, label it, then write a sentence about it. She insists on working alone on these kinds of projects, which is fine by me. She came to me with the finished product, and I couldn't hold back the smiles.
 Seems I'm not the only person in this family taken by the "chrys" of South Carolina!
Later that night we put together our annual "thankful tree" for FHE. Annie wanted to label the masterpiece so wrote what I dictated, but was puzzled when trying to read back her own "t-h-a-n-k-f-u-l  t-r-e-e." I speedily changed the subject. 
Look for the t-h-a-n-k-f-u-l t-r-e-e in my next post! 
PS: Today Annie came home singing " It's fun to stay at the Y M C K!" so it's not just in her writing that creativity reigns.
Also, tonight in her prayer, she asked that those people learning about ten frames might feel more comfortable knowing about them tomorrow, so I thought you'd all appreciate that. Thoughtful gal, our Annie. 
What can I say about Zane except that his phrases are more grown up and mind blowing than funny these days. Sometimes, however, he still makes me giggle. Last Saturday we went to the tail end of a highway cleanup performed by the young men and not-so young men in our church ward/family. B grilled all kinds of sausage as a reward for everyone's hard work and the older children ate more-or-less unsupervised while I chased the baby. Later, when I tried feeding everyone dinner, Zane held his stomach and told me he'd better not. "For lunch I had 4 bags of chips and 3 hot dogs, WITH additional ketchup and relish!"
WITH additional ketchup and relish? Heavens, that put him OVER THE TOP! ;)
Thankful tree post tomorrow, then B's parents are here for the weekend!


Tina said…
Ear troubles...have they gotten better? You know- Maryn ended up getting tubes, saved our lives.
Ok, I could not figure out what chrys was until I read it out loud. Aaaah- there it is!
And Zane, good heavens! I love how he's hilarious without trying to be.