Good enough for the Christmas card

We may not get around to family photos in time for a Christmas card this year. Where are Cami and Nick when I need them? TOO FAR AWAY.
Maybe I'll just send this picture instead:
Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas! Love Michelle, Brandon, UF band member Soren, Elder Einstein (as Annie fondly referred to him all day), and a Clemson Cowgirl!

Or even better, maybe this one. Throw some reality (via Soren's expression) into the mix:

He was just mad I made him stop pulling vegetables out of the cornucopia and get in his band uniform:

And look at this perfectly halloween-y morning, made better by the rain which waited until today to fall. 


Tina said…
A few comments on this:
1. How does Annie always know the EXACT pose to bust out for the moment?! That pic could have easily been your Christmas card.
2. That Halloween morning pic is seriously cool, someone needs to paint it- your dad, Em?