Color moments

The colors on our streets right now are so rich, so captivating, especially in the evenings.
They are enough to want a dang family picture taken!
Why the stress about family pictures, you ask?
It's because THE LEAVES ARE FALLING. Every day. Every minute. And I can help think that even by next weekend, the colors won't be so rich and captivating and you all might have to settle for looking at our faces instead!
Sigh. First world problems.
In my wildest dreams, we would have taken those babies last Sunday evening, right out from our front yard. 
Instead, the older kids played at the neighbor's while we marched Soren to the exact spot I was thinking and said, "RUN!"
This was the result.
Picture him in a brown, corduroy jacket and skinny jeans, ok?
Some of you are so shaking your heads at me right now.
But the leaves are falling!
Here's another sweet color moment:
Side yard. Two boys. Tall trees.


walt or jean said…
WOW. What more can I say.
gaylene said…
you have some amazing colors there!
Tina said…
That's your SIDE YARD? So beauty! We don't have tall skinny trees like that here. Ours are wide, fat and far apart.