Brotherly activities

Truth be told, piano practice isn't as routine as it should be around here. Part of it is that I don't want to push; the other part, let's face it, is usually that I just forget. :) Life is all too full of good things, isn't it?
Soren also plays a major role in our delinquency. Whenever he hears the tinkling keys, he beelines it for the front room and "uh! uh! uh!"s until we concede and let him up on the bench.
 Which is cool for about 12 seconds, until he starts violently batting your hands away. Piano usurper.
We deal with it, because he is so adorable. But we move along at a snail's pace because of it.
Good thing snails still cross finish lines.
Except wait, maybe those are tortoises. Deena!


Ginger said…
Oh my goodness. I have so many pictures just like this....except with my children...not yours.
Tina said…
I'm glad to hear that my baby isn't the only one who does the "uh, uh" grunt for everything. Sometimes I want to scream "Talk already, kid"!
And Zane's hair continues to grow.....