Whenever we go out now, we need shoes (uh!!) and a hat (uh-uh!) Oh, and a "bah!"
Speaking of natural beauties, do you think I should tell this hydrangea it's mid-October? Like, leaves are falling off trees in droves mid-October? Who knew these fabulous creatures bloomed TWICE? 
And you know how I just mentioned the leaves falling? Brandon and I saw our lives pass before our eyes last weekend while blowing and raking a seemingly endless amount of those browning autumn-is-here reminders (and when I say B and I, I mean mostly B, bless him). And here we are 7 days later and you can barely tell we did a thing, not to mention the trees are still quite full. Can anyone say "Pay a leaf removal business" please? Or maybe you could say what I've overheard Annie saying during playtime--"Don't fret, my pet!"
Tomorrow I'm taking pictures so you all can commiserate (and tell us to get over it and enjoy the stunning beauty of our surroundings).


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