Pendleton Fall Festival 2013

Last year when my dad was visiting, we ventured beyond our little town to a festival in an even smaller  neighboring town. It was a total success, other than the fact that in true M and B style we didn't actually have any cash and it was a cash-only event. Thankfully, Gramps (and hey, I just read on the blog that it was this particular visit where Annie coined "gramps" which we've been using ever since) bailed us out and I vowed to "remember next year!"
Well you'll never believe it but I remembered. Sure it took me chanting "cash, cash, cash, cash" to myself all week. That's not weird, right? Totally normal?
Brandon got called away at the last minute to help someone move, but the kids and I went with cash in hand and had a good ol' time (before racing home to conference at noon). (One of the best parts of living on the east coast is that conference doesn't start until noon, which allows us to do things like attend fall festivals! A bit better than Hawaii, for instance, where conference begins at 6am and you can watch it live in the cafeteria if you're crazy.)
I'm getting distracted. Remember Michelle, cash, cash, cash, cash. Oh yes, got it.
Anyway, bounce housing, face painting, free games for kids with candy prizes just for participating, falcons (falcons!), it was great! And Zane's first taste of funnel cake, which he now highly recommends.
The weather was HOT (87 was the high today I think) and the crowd seemed even bigger than last year, so we were happy to have gone early and gotten out of there. Definitely worth the money, this happy little fall festival. Just remember to bring cash! 


Kjerstin said…
Um yeah, cash...I'm with ya. I had to get out of line (a really long line) to write a check because I didn't bring enough cash to get my crew into the demolition derby that Dallas wanted to go to for his birthday. Debit cards are just too darn handy! Great pictures, great dimples, miss you!