Every time we're outside these days I feel like I should get out my camera. Pockets of immense beauty seem to be everywhere, shifting around as the sun moves from one end of the sky to the other. It's overwhelming. 
I have decided I am the kind of person who needs seasons in my life, particularly beautiful ones. The natural beauty fills my soul, warms my heart (although not this morning! 40 degrees for our morning walk, brrr!), and reminds me to be grateful for the planet, for change, for progress. Not to mention I will need something pretty to look at come dreary mid-February. 
Last night I finally had a few moments to bring the camera outside as the kiddos played (Annie with a friend from across the street, Soren watching/admiring Zane and his soccer "BA!" and mimicking with his own basketball). Although it was perhaps 10 minutes too dark, it was still enough to reach out and grab a couple of those precious pockets I've been enjoying so much this week.
I so admire the deteriorating-but-still-hanging-onto-the-branch ones. Dying gracefully. 

More contented sighs from yours truly.


Kjerstin said…
It's so beautiful! I love fall, the colors and light are amazing.