Crystal's Visit

Over the past few days, we've enjoyed a visit from our dear old friend, Crystal. Crystal's been meaning to visit us ever since we first left WYO (seems like quite awhile ago now!), but because she was dealing with us, the never-actually-do-anything-about-anything friends, it took four states to actually make it.
And we're glad she did!

While she was here we went on many adventures, including but not limited to:
  • Going to ward choir practice only a few short hours after arriving late/sleeping/waking early and then having to talk for the rest of the day/visit about it. (No, I'm not obsessed with my choir.) (Ok, maybe you're on to me.)
  • Attempting to visit the Fort Hill Mansion/John C. Calhoun house on Clemson Campus first on Monday (CLOSED for Columbus Day) and then again on tuesday (CLOSED for lunch) before actually breaking down the door entering politely when the museum guide returned Tuesday afternoon.
  • Visiting B at his office and joking about how we may or may not have dreamed about him working in a cool old building and how he may or may not work in quite an unsightly one behind that first one instead. You decide which is which (just don't be confused by the word ENGINEERING).

  •  Walking up and down the beautiful tree-lined paths at the university with a certain cutie (who warmed up to Crystal quite quickly--she's a natural).
 (Note: even the flowers obey the law of the school colors.)
  • Having a picnic dinner/watching the sun set/throwing rocks/taking pictures at South Cove County Park. I've never been so glad a park was not a national park!

  • Enjoying the South Carolina Botanical Gardens once again. This was our 5th or 6th visit to this place now and once again it didn't disappoint (although there still weren't any alligators around). Neither did the baby, who fell asleep in the BOB and continued to sleep for a couple hours (!!) while Crystal and I walked and took pictures and solved the world's problems and discussed Survivor (which I am back to enjoying the heck out of). It was the highlight of the trip for me. So much beauty! 
  •  Attending a soccer game for the you-know-who Tigers. They lost. It didn't matter. Crystal supplied popcorn and sprite and all were happy. B got to take the game goers in the cruiser (he thinks this was probably the highlight for Crystal--I smile and nod--sure babe.)
  • What else, let me see. We made dinner one night. We went to Publix at least twice. I left my wallet at home everywhere we went. Crystal laughed at me a lot, which was better than crying. :) We saw the scarecrows in Pendleton (while getting denied from the bakery because of closing on Columbus Day. Who knew?). We walked downtown and ate at a new-to-us-and-yummy burger place (BGR). We ate lunch at school with Annie on her bday. We returned successfully to the aforementioned bakery the final morning. (Thank you Columbus Day for only coming once a year.) We basically ran ourselves ragged for four days and now I get to rest while she's in Missouri on the second half of her trip. Better you than me, lady! Happy travels on the rest of your trip!
Oh wait, one more thing: Before Crystal arrived, I was trying to prep our children, mainly with her name which isn't one you hear every day. I said it, said it, said it, so they'd remember, then was done. They were excused. A little later, Annie came in asking a question about my friend. "You know mom, your friend......Sparkle?" We all agreed that would make an excellent pseudonym. :)


Crystal Davis said…
Thanks for having me!!! I enjoyed it all. From the wonderful friends and delightful funny children to the great weather to the lovely small towns to solving the worlds problems and bring back memories of Wyoming in the cruiser and to Columbus day. Hope to come back soon.