Annie's Party

So yes, our happy lady had a birthday recently. 
Since her brother got to host an epic party last month, and because she is the kind of gal who forgets NOTHING, she fully expected the same treatment.
Oh, but I am bad at planning/executing parties! It it not my cup of tea!
I was worried. 
Then Crystal came, so I got to put off planning (unless you call shouting "Friday 4 to 6!" across the hall at church to most of the other moms "planning"--then sure, I did a bit of it during the visit) until the last minute. Then I was really worried.
Then I went to the dollar store.  Bouncy balls and crazy straws and dinosaurs and bracelets and party blowers and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and (wait for it) MUSTACHES. I was no longer worried.
PLUS, when asked what kind of cake contraption she wanted, she shrugged and said, "How 'bout cupcakes?" Done and done.
Kids came, we played outside games, then inside games, then had pizza (and red crunchies [bell peppers] and grapes) and cupcakes, then presents and poof! The two hours were over.
And during the party, Annie even shouted once, "This is my best. moment. EVER!"
Success on all fronts! 
Thank heavens these things only come once a year. I'm spent.
On to the happy pictures!
(Z, J, J, A, S, P, K, E)
Thank you everyone for not commenting on the MILLIONS of candy corn on each cupcake. It's shameful.
Oh Annie, you are my sunshine. Happiest of birthdays, sweet lady. 
I told Zane he had to be INVISIBLE at the party. As in there but not really there. After 4 or so minutes he pulled me aside and said, "Man, being invisible is REALLY tough!" Only 116 minutes left, I told him. 
He did remarkably well, but had to show some personality during cupcake time. We didn't know what was scarier, the face or the hair. 
Good gracious.

And this little guy just lumbered about, enjoying the kids and the BALLOONS and the decorations and everything. Sometimes it's fun to be #3: 
OH I AM SO GLAD IT'S OVER! Our next birthday is my birthday and I promise I won't be planning any parties. Happy early birthday to me!


Kjerstin said…
Has it really been that many years since I stopped by to check on you on "bedrest"? Bedrest=sitting at the sewing Michelle-land. ;) Happy birthday to Annie!! Glad you partied and are done partying :)