3 parties in one day is too many parties ahem I mean a happy and full Saturday together

On Saturday we had the elementary school fall festival + the neighborhood halloween parade + the ward party and trunk or treat.
Believe it.
What ever happened to celebrating a holiday ON that holiday? 
It would even be okay, except that the REAL holiday is STILL looming ahead of us. 
Us and our already full bellies and sacks of candy.

Last year's festival was gray but warm enough for flip flops. This year it was bright and sunny and about 45 degrees. 
I can't do flip flops under 50. I was disappointed. Anyway.
This is part of our regular commute to and from the back of the school--much better than the car rider line!
 We hit all the regular stops: ring toss, three-legged race, bean bag tic-tac-toe, tug o' war, face painting, cupcake walk, etc. I don't mind it really--I donate about 10 bucks to the school and my kids get to play fun games and collect what Brandon calls "a bunch of cheap deena." (He or may not have said something besides deena. starts with a c.) It's much better than getting about 2 rolls of wrapping paper, the school's other big fundraiser.

Z was intent on continuing the tradition of winning a pop for his pops. Took him a few tries, but in the end he was "victorious!" Annie enjoyed sliding down the big slide while waiting for him (and we enjoyed watching the end of our tickets get gobbled up).
 Soren was supposed to be napping (Brandon had so gallantly volunteered to stay home and work while he snoozed) but must have sensed there was fun to be had because he wouldn't calm down for anything. So we strapped him into the stroller and brought him (and his comatose state) along. He didn't move a muscle, other than to eat the 25 cent apples B scored at the snack table.
We said goodbye to this year's fall festival with a few failed attempts at jumping-for-joy pictures and moved on with the rest of our busy day.
 But not before I was wooed by this TREE.
Holy moly those are some red leaves!

Our next activity was supposed to be a raucous parade through the neighborhood, but apparently we weren't the only folks with too many things to do that day, and it was a bit under-attended. 5 kids to be exact, two of them mine (mad scientist and cowgirl), another that we brought along with us (fireman), and two others that haven't actually moved into the neighborhood yet (Annie and Alice).  
 And a really creepy skeleton lumberjack man.
 Don't worry, that's just our new head neighbor! :)
Actually, he and his wife (the real head neighbor) are lovely people and we enjoyed getting to know them and eating the treats they made for 40+ guests.
That night we went to the ward party.
And the joke's on me because our "real" car is in the shop so we all got to bounce along in the cruiser.
To the church 10 miles away and back.
With Brandon wearing his chicken hat all the while.
And again on Sunday.
Luckily without the chicken hat.
Annie was worried at first: "Isn't it against the law to drive our whole family in a fake car?"

I didn't have the gusto to take pictures that evening, but Soren dressed up in Annie's Gator marching band uniform from a few years ago and was mobbed by a couple families in our ward who are both total band geeks and huge gator fans. It was awesome.
I'll have to get a picture on the real day. Because remember, Halloween hasn't actually happened yet.
One more funny moment, thanks to the 3 parties before the actual day.
Yesterday Zane was trying to barter candy with Annie. He was ruthless. Tried to pawn off his nasty gum. Tried to trade "equally" chocolate for sugar (we all know that isn't equal!) He even came to me and asked, "Do you think Annie would be interested in a limited time offer? Like, 3 Laffy Taffys for her Twix until Halloween, but only until Halloween?" (Turns out he has like 10 Laffy Taffys. Yes, he was part of the group that went around the trunk or treat multiple times until people started refusing him. Sigh. I used to have such control.)
Annie, on the other hand, has got her brother and the rest of the holiday figured out. "Halloween is a JOKE!" She said, right about the time I was having similar thoughts. "What do you mean, lady?" "It's supposed to be scary and mean and stuff, but then everyone is just joking!" Ok, so different definitions for the same word but still, right on Annie.
Limited time offer, heavens.
I'll catch you again on the real holiday!


wyomingmom said…
Congratulations! - you made it through the day - now onto the "real" Halloween. Still can't get over costumes without snow coats, hats, mittens etc covering them.
Kjerstin said…
Hahahaha!!! I hope your real car is fixed soon!! :)