Wyoming part 2

I posted Wyoming part one while in Wyoming, six weeks ago or so. It's cool. :)
While in Rawlins, we engaged in a few more "traditions" of sorts. First up, the STAR WARS COOKBOOK! We first became acquainted with C-3PO pancakes and Yoda Soda a few years ago. They made enough of an impact to have to be tried again, of course! And good news folks: Z just scored this glorious book for his birthday from these same wonderful grandparents. Star Wars treats for life, check! (Ginger, I just read your comment from our last mention of this book, about how your kids hated it and refused to finish. Made me giggle. To each his own, eh?)

Another tradition for our family is getting pictures of babies swinging in the backyard swing. I have a picture of Z as a baby in this exact spot (before blogging was created) and one of Annie here. 3 for 3, happy babies on all accounts.

Notwithstanding the tree growing out of the subject's head, this is my best picture of the entire Utah/Wyoming vacation. 
I present to you: Annie, the superstar swinger.
Why isn't lighting always this kind to me?

And here's one final, much more normal attempt from me to capture a moment. Things to look for in this picture: Zane doing one of his favorite things, the frisbee that's helping, and the deck B and his dad built (with the help of many others) many years ago. 
 We will miss this place! But the future is bright. :)


wyomingmom said…
That was such a fun visit. Thanks for pictures and reminders.