Soccer and pie

Sometimes the stars align just right.
You see, Z had his first soccer game last night. The game day may or may not have fallen on a very significant 9th anniversary of something. 
Zane weighs a lot more now than he did then. (Four and a half weeks early, hello! Zane you were crazy even then!)
It was a hot and sunny afternoon. Zane ran up and down the field like a maniac while the rest of us looked on cheering, all the while trying not to think about the sweat dripping down our backs.

 Halfway through the second quarter, Annie was begging for a respite.  So we left the babe with B and walked ourselves down to the playground. 
Enter the singing angels--especially since I guess they are going to cover this baby in October, so it will actually be playable on whatever the weather.
Annie loves the monkey bars and slides and especially this contraption: the spinny thing!
Way to be on the action shots, Michelle. Mid-crazy grin!

We only stayed 10 minutes or so because I was hoping to see some action from this fellow on his special day. And not just from his hair. 
 We arrived in time for the last quarter. Lots more sweat from everyone, but no successful trips to the goal yet.
 And then with one minute left, there was a break away at mid-field and Zane found himself kicking the ball up the field alone. Forward, forward, in front of the net, big kick and then......a GOAL! A goal for the birthday boy! Like I said, sometimes the stars align just right. Thank you stars.
The game ended with Z's goal, then we were off to Publix for pie and cucumber lime gatorade.
Go blue lightning!


walt or jean said…
Hurrah for a perfect kick by a pretty wonderful kid!
Kjerstin said…
Woohoo!! Hurray for birthday boy and the aligning stars!
wyomingmom said…
What a great day! Happy B-day Zane,
Tina said…
I love pie!

Oh, and happy birthday, Z. :)

(We have those spinny things at our playground and my kids love them too. Crazy, I can't even look at them without getting dizzy.)