Passing of Time, and Head Banging

Brandon has been out of town for a conference for the last several days. I've been sending him phone pictures to remind him what he's missing and to make him feel guilty entice him to come home soon. He showed this following one to a colleague, who asked, "What is up with his head?":
Can you see it too? The bruise on top of a bruise on top of a bruise?
Here's another glimpse:
This was after it had all yellowed just a bit, thank heavens.

See, when Soren is upset, he has this new thing he does: he cocks his head just so and bang bang bangs his forehead on whatever hard surface will have him. Then he scrunches his face up in pain, screams bloody murder, and repeats said brutal activity. And repeats again. And repeats again. Oh, it's killer.

Pictures below are from last week when we'd been to Target. I let him out of the shopping cart near the end of our adventure to play with some toys. MISTAKE. Getting him back in was a nightmare, then it was bang bang bang, and SCREAM all the way to the check out counter. It was if he was saying, "This hurts me more than it hurts you, mom!" I'll bet it does, so stop, ya crazy!
I'm glad you can only faintly make out the horizontal red marks.
(These are his first taste of whole wheat raspberry scones from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. No head banging then, that's the truth.)

Despite the head banging, life feels oh so good right now. Complete, real, satisfying. The weather is cooling; the leaves have started to change and fall. Our walks outside aren't accompanied by as much sweat as they were last week and the surroundings are pleasant and comfortable. My kids are settling into school routines, finding victories in math contests and found library books (zane), playground fun and treasure box (annie), and first words like "BALL!" and many pairs of shoes (Soren). I've started teaching a bit more: piano, voice, and enrichment music at a private day school here in town. It's fun to stretch those muscles once again, to remember and put to use my wonderful training from days at UW-Seattle. And finally, B simply loves his job--it's so so demanding but so so fun and creative and fulfilling. These things combined make the passing of time here in Clemson all the more sweet. Coming here was the right decision. More and more and more, this is becoming home.
Now if only we could move on from the head banging. :)


Kjerstin said…
I wish I could be Zane's librarian...he would be one of those kids I love to help find books to love. That's my favorite :) I thought you went to a hair metal concert based on the title of your post!