More Summer Moments

I am working through the remaining snippets I captured.
 The wall of toys had to be remembered (especially because all the toys were actually up off the floor!) as did the site where our holiday photos were taken.
 Zane became the master photo-bomber this particular night. What you are supposed to see is a nice picture of Annie, about as far back as the group picture above. What you get instead is this: 
 He will never bomb better, am I right?

Here's a remembrance of how Emmy felt sorry for my (we think) broken pinky toe (left) and went ahead and hurt hers as well so we could form a club (right). What else are sisters for in this life? :)
We spent some happy moments here at the park/lake near my parents' home, walking, fishing, photo bombing, etc. 

And probably the most notable thing we did all summer in the kids' eyes was frequent the many snow cone joints around town. This was our third (and final) stop at Emmy's favorite "Snoasis." While we were waiting in line, Annie spotted some kids nearby and said, "You guys wait here, I'm going to go make some new friends." And off she went. Incredible. 

And finally tonight, proof that Zane continues to be a turkey pants (and we love him all the more for it), Soren really did need a bit of a haircut by the end of the trip, and Annie has great aim.

We sure loved soaking up all the time we could with this lovely lady before she danced off to college. 
So special, our Emmy girl.
Next up, more photos from Wyoming, then the Stone brothers' reunion and on with the rest of our lives. :)


Tina said…
It's incredible that you and Emily have the exact same feet. Seriously, identical.