Soren is moving through stages like crazy these days. Definitely a walker now, he's signing left and right, trying to eat with a spoon/fork, pushing all stair barricades aside to waltz up the stairs, wanting to cross the street by himself, etc.
But for one small bit of time last week, he was stuck in the middle of a funny stage.
He loved to climb onto this green chair of his, but then once he was on, he couldn't get back off.
His legs would dangle with his feet three inches above the floor, and he. was. stuck.

 Sometimes we'd throw him a book and he'd read for awhile (his favorite book to love/destroy is Gordon B. Hinckley's "Stand a little Taller"), then he'd stand up and shout.
Mom! Help! (Uh!! AHHHH!)

And I'd come in from wherever I was and find him sitting with his arms outstretched.
So stinkin' cute.

Yesterday, he got off the chair himself. Stage passed. :) But luckily, last week I caught a little movie of his stuckness. And now you get to watch it. (It only took me 52 minutes to figure out how to upload it. The magic of the internet, folks!) Awesome.