Cousins Party 2013

Once a year we (Stone brothers and as many of their families as are in the vicinity) meet up in a beautiful Cache Valley canyon and play. It is something I look forward enough to that I try and plan my summer trip out west such that it will include this wonderful day.
Last year I had a baby instead. 
But this year, our whole little SC family (Brandon included! Epic!) was around and able to join in the festivities, which included yummy breakfasts and jumping in the freezing creek (for the crazies) and canoeing (for the slightly smarter) and ball and visiting and who knows what else. The important part is getting to be with our people. They're all our kind of weird, you know? :) Any of you Stones offended yet?

Just seeing this picture, in front of the house like always, makes me happy inside.
So happy to get to come this year! Thanks to hosts Cory and Maria, as always.
Hope to see you all again next year!


Val said…
Elizabeth looks like she's about to pass out on my lap! Great pics of everyone :) Love ya
gaylene said…
what? no gators in that water?...