Catch up #1

Hey all you used-to-be-bloggers who can't seem to figure out where to begin again after your last post: I feel your pain. The internet's finally up, pictures from summer happinesses are loaded onto the computer, but where where where to begin. Not to mention that all the while life is still moving forward and in addition to all this catch up I have a moment or two captured from just yesterday that I'd like to share before it falls out of my brain. So, I give you the shortened version of my usual expounding.

We went to Utah for the summer, yes. But on our way, we went "home" to Florida for a few days first. We saw many people. We took pictures of some of those people. We missed out on seeing other people. We were sorry about that, but so grateful we could squeeze in who we could. 
We went to the beach for about 20 minutes (sometimes that's all you need), enjoyed wonderful food and company (as always) with la familia h-f, played outside in the steamy steamy Florida sunshine, and in general basked in the happiness of that wonderful place.
(If you look carefully at Soren above, you can see that his two upper left teeth came in before his upper right.)
I probably should have taken more pictures of adults! Didn't want to bug, I suppose. Next time!

So after our stint in Florida, B dropped the kids and me off at the JAX airport on his way back to SC, and we made the looooong trip out to Utah. One of our first nights there, I brought out the camera to try and capture the happiness felt relaxing in my parents' back yard. It's a good thing I did too, because I put the camera away for almost the entire rest of the trip. Something about exhaling, you know? Deep breaths, no cameras (usually no makeup, which often inspired no cameras), lots of time with family, still wearing ourselves out everyday but seemingly doing the right kinds of things (like croquet and the swimming pool and of course Costco pizza and churro trips), resets all around. 
And Zane got a haircut, much to everyone's relief. :)
More soon, perhaps with a little of yesterday's moments in the mix as well.