Baby boy tidbits

Yesterday morning (or was it this morning? I have lost my mind) before heading to work, Brandon apologized for working so much, leaving me alone all day, etc. I giggled a little and said, "Remember, you gave me a baby--he keeps me quite company-ful all day long."
And it's true, this little buddy is the light in my "alone time" (as in when the big people are at work/school) hours at the moment. Except when he's sleeping and I'm relishing in my ACTUAL alone time hours. But when he's awake, he's constantly making me smile. 
Lately he's been picking up some baby sign language--hands shaking for "all done," hands together for "more"(although that one looks suspiciously like a clap--I won't tell if you won't), waving "bye-bye" when I begin my see-you-laters, and hand on tilted face when it's time to "sleep." And today, a blown kiss that ALMOST even looks like a blown kiss, just the blow and the "mwah" sound are a little out of sync with the hand-on-mouth-then-away gesture. Still, it's him speaking our language and suddenly he's my brilliant child. :) I mean we always knew, but now we have proof.
It's amazing how many of the signs I learned with Annie come back naturally when I'm in the moment and need them (thank you EP and signing time videos! and I'll admit the books you gave me have helped me brush up); shoes, socks, open, outside, want, ball, no, cracker, dirty, diaper, rhinoceros, you know, all the normal everyday ones. Reminds me of this video. Brilliant children, see? And Z's voice, oh those were the good old days!

Ok back to Soren boy. He loves black beans and oatmeal and is not a fan of cantaloupe. He heartily devours things he likes and spits out/chucks the other stuff. Also a good way of communicating. :) Sometimes he'll play side-to-side peekaboo with you at the dinner table if you happen to be hiding behind the water pitcher. 
Soren still loves to throw a ball then chase it. If there is a hat nearby, he usually stops to examine/put on/take off/etc it, then is on his way again. He is completely a walker now, no crawling for him. 
He still loves his blankys and reaches to them first for comfort or more peekaboo fun. He gets goodnight kisses from Annie's old Pooh Bear, then promptly chucks him out of the crib, just like the un-favorite food. He likes to be up for hours at a time at night (which I just read was also a habit of his older brother, who now sleeps happily all night, so I guess there's a light at the end of this very, very long tunnel) and is still happy as can be in the morning. We've decided he'll probably be the doctor of the family, with his non-need for sleep. If sleep were food he'd probably chuck it across the room too. :)
Update on Soren, check! Up next, more summer moments.