Main Floor peeks

Val wants pictures! But I don't have the Internet (yet). But I do have a fancy phone and a blogger app!  But the pictures from that fancy phone don't quite do it justice. Sigh. Oh well. Here are a few glimpses. 

The kitchen is petite but highly functional, thanks to that island and smart shelving in the cupboards. 
The back corner dining room connects the kitchen and the living room. Two words. Chair rail. Swoon. 
Here's what you see from the front door. The walls are a great khaki brown, not green like it seems. The color is very close to what you see in the dining room:

No pictures on the walls yet, or curtains on the windows. It will come. Here's looking back toward the front door:

Next, a look up the stairs. Custom fitting tables in the entry and individual stair rugs were sold to us by the previous owners (as were a number of other items, including the floor rug and coat rack, bless them):

Last but not least, the family room in the back! This room truly deserves its exclamation point. Higher ceilings, glorious (immaculately painted) fireplace and built in cupboards, large bright windows, and a perfectly crouching 8 year old, playing wii. We will be spending many hours there.  
Only two drawbacks so far: first, the magic cleaning fairies that kept the house  spotless whenever we visited this spring seem to have vanished. Second, I'm still tired and grumpy by dinner. I suppose a broom will remedy the first problem and school starting next week will hopefully help with the other. Or maybe a good night's sleep or two? Come on Soren!


Crystal Davis said…
I can't wait to see it in October
Debbie said…
Awesome house Michelle! Congratulations! It looks beautiful. Love the khaki color.
D.B. said…
very nice! I don't think I dare ask how much, homes are too expensive in Laramie :( Enjoy!
Val said…
Thanks for the pics!! Just fabulous. Now for the other rooms... :)