Laramie and the Snowies

It might be awhile until we get to Wyoming again, and before we left we wanted to honor Grampa R who is in the state coaches hall of fame club. We snuck over to UW, found his plaque (look for it above Z down on that second picture), listened to his honors, gave three cheers, then snuck up to the Snowies to celebrate. (But not without a picture by a new fancy boot first. Go Pokes!)
Good heavens this place is beautiful. Grampa grilled burgers, Annie enjoyed sliding down rocks, Zane enjoyed climbing UP rocks, and the rest of us soaked in the beauty (wildflowers!) and prayed that Zane wouldn't fall off said rocks.
Remember "where's waldo?" The picture below is a shout out to that, Zane-in-blue style.
I might be missing a picture or two, but it's getting late and Google Drive threatens to end my media addition abilities at midnight! So for now, we say peace out and many happy Wyoming moments to you all. Until we meet again!