First Day Here We Come

Today was the kids' first day of school! Sighs of relief all around. They (especially Zane) weren't sure they were ready for summer to be over, but as the main breaker-upper of the vast array of their squabbles all summer long, I can tell you, IT WAS TIME. 

If I had written this post yesterday I would have complained about how painful it is to be a hopeless procrastinator trying to find glue sticks and 3-ring pencil cases the day before school starts. I don't EVEN want to hear how cheap they were a few weeks ago. Truth be told I wasn't even home a few weeks ago and since we got home we've been just a little BUSY. :) Not to mention that in my mind, I had another full WEEK before the first day. Seriously, if it hadn't been for Brandon (who is still always right) driving by the school and noticing AUG 20--FIRST DAY on the marque sometime last week, my children might have been the only children who got to sleep in on the first day of school because their mother forgot. 
I have completely lost my mind. 
Anyway, lucky for all of us, I am writing this today instead of yesterday and therefore have pictures instead of complaints. Phew!
There she is now, our happy little Kindergartener. Is it just me or does she look like she could be meeting aunt Emmy at the college later? So grown up.  
And here is the long haired third grader. He gets two teachers this year, one for reading/writing and another (a man) for math/science/social studies. I'm really excited for what's to come. 
He was excited to take the second book from the Leven Thumps series to read and show--"to make a strong impression, you see." 

I told them to smile like they'd been poked. 
I am really excited for these little dudes. And so happy to have WALKED them to school. I even read scriptures on my phone during the walk home! (Thanks to B who was home with sleeping baby who likes to be up from 3:30-5:30am these days.) Double bonus!