Fireman's Hat

We are still without Internet over here, siphoning off data from our phone allowance bit by bit. But I wanted to share with you some pictures of my new quiet time buddy--("new" pertaining to the quiet time, not the buddy). 
Soren loves this plastic red hat. Actually, he loves all hats, and usually the people wearing them make a good impression too. This particular afternoon, he was quite impressed with the blondie in the mirror. 

I'm his mother, so you get six pictures instead of one. 
PS: Can I just say I love my house? It is magnificent. Absolutely dreamy. Please, come visit. Okay, we can move on now. 

Two first day of school memories:
 Zane came home and said, "I actually learned something! I mean, not from my morning teacher. But from my afternoon teacher, yeah I did. I was surprised!" Heaven help his morning teacher. :)
Much to Annie's delight, she discovered her favorite boy from preschool was in her class. We were first on to them when she told her teacher, "He is such a cute little whale of the day." Anyway, he recognized her and asked, "Are you my friend from the WHALE class?" To which she replied, "Yes I am!!!"  It was a good moment. You may ask how I know this story. Well, Annie's new thing is storytelling: "He was like ... And then I was like ... And he was totally like..." And on and on. It works with her inner dialogue too. She explains,"I was like..... Then I was like totally! and then I was like..." Sigh. heaven help her morning (and all day) teacher too! 


walt or jean said…
so big! so cute! does he flip the ball with the hat like a game?
wyomingmom said…
I like the 6 picture version you shared. Also beside worrying about the teachers - what about the parents! Do you actually teach the kiddos stuff too. :)
Kjerstin said…
I agree...I like the 6 photo version. The more pics the better! :)