Cousin Happiness

One great thing about being out west for awhile is being able to spend time with our cousins on Brandon's side.  We gathered at two different places multiple times and let the kids loose on each other. They had dance parties, played all sorts of games, were magicians, and generally enjoyed being together (except when they didn't, of course). 
Thanks to the hosting sisters for hosting and the visiting sisters for visiting along with the hosting sisters. You guys are great. :)
Amazing that all children were looking forward for this one, as it was right in the middle of the dance party:

The babies! About six months apart:
 Zane was pretty enamored with the older boys at this house. Glad they gave him the time of day aka made him the "assistant magician."
 The magic show onlookers:

 The after party. "Do anything but smile!" I said. 

 And the grown-ups. Zane took the picture and yes, this was the best outcome. Thanks Z, but stick to your day job!