Comings and goings in the west

So here we are at Gigi's house. Deep, happy sighs. 

Since we've arrived, Zane has gotten to see really big fireworks and eat really big shaved ice, among other happinesses  (the former of which he felt guilty for being out so late and having so stinking much fun and the latter of which he declared "one of the best activities" of [his] life"). He had really big hair until yesterday, as seen below. 

Soren has gotten more and more comfortable with all the new faces, taking particularly to tall blond uncles. (Who can blame him?) He started the trip not sleeping so well, staying up all hours of all nights, and cutting multiple teeth. Good thing he has an 18-yr old aunt who stays up all hours of all nights and could keep him and his mama company. The last two nights have been better, and we are all hoping it's the beginning of much more sleep. 

Anniegirl is taking full advantage of Gigi's toys and movies, Gramps's garden, and the plethora of child-sized outdoor American flags. She spent most of the evening on the 4th choreographing a dance number for herself and cousin Lolo. She also had bigger hair until yesterday afternoon, as seen below. 

Now, both children have less hair. Thank you aunt Hayley!
Did I mention that one child is a bit more into posing for pictures than another child? It's cool. 

Apparently I didn't really want to exercise on this trip and the toe crunching gods heard and helped! Deena!
What, you don't want to end by looking at my ouchy toe? Ok, I'll oblige. Here's one more of some of our FL friends, now living in MT. Great to see you guys! I need to bring Nick the photographer on all my get-togethers. :)
Happiness is relaxing at Gigi's in July! :)