An update and a gathering

We are still enjoying our summer trip to you-know-where. It's so nice to unplug from the usual ways of having to keep in touch and just look people in the eyes instead. Computer, I haven't missed you. Brandon, I HAVE missed you. Soon enough.

Last weekend we were able to spend some long overdue time with our relatives on my mom's side. We gathered in several places over the weekend (great party katie! great party the next day, ginger!) but our final morning there was particularly cool and special. Because of some gracious hosting on the part of my aunt who lives there now and my cousin who got the whole party started, we were able to come together at the childhood home of my mom and her siblings on Maple Drive.
We feasted on treats and fresh fruit, enjoyed the sunshine AND shade of the memory-filled backyard, and toured the house of my grandparents White, the house I knew and looked forward to seeing every summer as a child as we traversed north from Tucson. It was a lovely time--the only regret we all had was that Nick had to leave the night before and couldn't capture our time together with his great photo skills! Aw well, have to settle for Michelle's attempts.
How about instead of names (you know, protecting the innocent), I'll write the relation of each person to me, l-r for each picture.
Aunt, cousin, dad:

Aunt, cousin, cousin holding our cousin above's son, me:

Uncle, mom, kids, sister-in-law, uncle:

Cousin, uncle:

Son, brother (being dorks), sister, niece (being cute):

baby from above, cousins:

You know these people by now:

And here are a few of the house itself, for you Jon, if you made it this far:


walt or jean said…
Very sweet reunions.