My mom loves Hydrangeas. 
They are hard to grow in the west. 
Not so in the Carolinas. In fact, the people on the local call-in radio show told me Thursday, "Plant Hydrangeas. They'll grow without you lifting a finger."
Luckily for me, someone already planted these a long time ago on the side of our rental house.
We have been waiting and watching. Yesterday it was time to record their awesomeness.
Mom, these pictures are for you.
Right now they are multi-colored, all in various stages of development. Breathtaking.
I spy.....someone else who likes the Hydrangea.
 Happy sigh.
And look, a cucumber. 


walt or jean said…
Oh, my goodness!!! It looks like Heaven to me! Thanks for sharing! These photos made my day! I'm so glad my darling daughter gets to enjoy them with her sweet family!
walt or jean said…
Who gets the first cucumber? I vote for Annie.