Growing Kiddos

Here it is: the first and last day comparison for Zaneman! Oh Z, how you've hated the camera this year. :) Thanks for hanging in there with me buddy--you love the blog books now, so I know it's been worth it!
(August 2012)                                                     (June 2013)
School's out now, but before it was over, I went to the 2nd grade graduation program. The children sat waiting while I snapped this "so perfectly Zane" picture (below left), then they stood as a group and Zane announced, "Thank you for coming to our 2nd grade graduation program." They sang for us, then each read their 2nd grade highlights. The program ended with an official handshake and certificate. Then there were donuts and juice. Yum.
Aren't elementary school teachers the best? We were so grateful for this caring teacher all year long.
Sigh. Zane, you're a good man. Third grade is going to be great. But let's have some summer first, shall we?
Oh, one more thing to remember about Z and 2nd grade. He was telling us about some classmates one night when he mentioned his "ARCH ENEMY." We raised our eyebrows and asked, "You have an arch enemy?" "OF COURSE I DO!" was the reply. "Her name is...." and the story continued. Of course he does!
Look what happens when you spend all your time looking in the mouth of your almost 1-year old for teeth? They come popping out of your 5-year old! A coincidental visit to the dentist told us not to worry, two sets of teeth are cool these days. We are however supposed to start saving for orthodontia, bless her heart. Takes after her mom. :)  
One more picture, just for Grandma Ross. We received your early b-day present for Soren and the older kids helped set it right up! It was a hit and sure enough, 2 minutes later baby was up and walking behind it. Perfect timing! Thank you!


Lucky Day said…
Poor Annie. Of all your children to have the double teeth... Our dentist said "You pull them or we will." So we pulled G's. Good luck.
wyomingmom said…
So glad Soren likes his toy. I hope you wanted him to be walking:) Teeth are good - all the better to eat you (or wholesome yummies) with and Zane rocks even with an arch enemy. I wonder if it is significant that it is a girl?
Ginger said…
Oh my....Your children are so lovely. That last picture melts my heart. Soren's eyes are so blue!
Alyson said…
Adam has double teeth right now too. We were told about the same thing from our dentist so you can consider yourself as having had a second opinion. Cute kids!