Family and Friends

This week has been happily filled with visits from some of our favorite people.
Brandon's sister Alyson and her husband came over the weekend. We took them to the Smokin' Pig on Saturday and church on Sunday. A complete visit. :)
We also drove them around campus, up to see some nearby lakes, to our new house (!! details soon), and to B's lab. 
They were astounded at how lush everything was.  We told them we still can't quite grasp it, and we've been here almost 10 months. Once a desert people, always a desert people. :)
It was lovely to be with them. Annie especially enjoyed all the extra attention. Thanks to you both for such kindness!
They left Monday and Annie wept all afternoon. They made their mark.
Then yesterday I drove with the littles (Z's still in school for a couple days!) to see dear friend HB who happened to be visiting family just a few hours north of here in Tennessee.
I thought South Carolina was lush. Hello Blue Ridge Mountains.
 We had a wonderful time with HB, relaxing in the back yard of her aunt's country home. Annie sidewalk chalked and tree swung and bubbled and played happily while us gals solved the world's problems and ate delicious treats. I've missed you HB!
As we drove away, Annie sighed and said, "I knew I liked that girl." Agreed. :) Safe travels home, friend!


Alyson said…
I looked at your blog - I know, amazing! Thanks for the fun visit. We loved seeing your family. Sorta hard to be home.
Jenneka said…
Sigh, I miss HB too!