Death Valley Open Water Swim

Zane continues to amaze us with his swimming feats. (Of course he does, we're his parents.) Remember the summer he was 4 years old and diving to the bottom of the pool for objects
A few weeks ago, he trumped it.
Zane's been on a swim team since January, swimming 2-3x a week and blowing his coaches away with his good attitude, hard work ethic, and natural ability. Best of all, he just thinks he's having fun.
However, he's been wanting to swim in a "meet" since he started and the swim team he's on doesn't do them.
Then a month or so ago, some friends of ours who are on another team in town told us about an open water (that means in the LAKE!) swim meet our town hosts every year. Once we told Zane, that was it, we were doing it.
Did I mention the shortest race was a 1/2k? 
I believe that's 500 yards.
Without stopping. 
I'm tired just thinking about it.
But Z, being the chill little fellow he is, did it without complaint and gave us only a shrug and a smile when it was over. No big deal guys. 
In fact, the only thing I remember him saying about it all was "Next year, can I do the 1k?"

  Soren (and the rest of us) wait and sweat, wait and sweat.

And here he is. He decided to race with his breast stroke so he could see where he was going. Plus, and he will probably laugh about this later, his breast stroke is a little faster than his freestyle anyway.

Zane, you rock! Very proud of you, dude.


walt or jean said…
We are very proud of Zane too. I can't even imagine how his swimmer dad and swim coach grampa must feel! Go Z.
Sharon said…
Jayden, our six year old, just finished his 3rd year of summer swim team and his freestyle and backstroke times are almost the same. :-) Last year his back stroke was WAY faster than his freestyle. Next year he moves up age groups and they get to learn breaststroke and butterfly. It should be interesting. :-)