Charleston in the Morning

The morning after the beach day, we parted ways with our friends and headed into Charleston for a few hours of fun. 
"What are we going to do?" asked the poor, innocent children. 
"Um, walk. And look around while we walk. And take lots of pictures." And that's just what we did. 
What, real plans? Bah.
 We have good children. They lasted all the way until lunchtime. Okay actually 23 minutes before lunchtime. But it was enough. 
Here is some of what we saw. :)

(Turkeypants Z tried to ditch out of almost every picture he knew I was taking. Annie on the other hand knew to pause and pose, then continue.)
(On the steps of the Charleston City Market above.)

We gave the big kids each a map to navigate with. Zane studied his for a few minutes then said, "Bad news guys. There are only two places to go to the bathroom in this whole city." Bad news!
Luckily, the Dock Street Theatre housed an additional set and was open to the public for self guided tours. Phew. 
(Wish this could have been a clearer shot. The whole family! Gasp!)

We walked by the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon and Rainbow Row then stopped on the east battery to eat granola bars and look out at Fort Sumter.
(Note Zane the turkeypants. He laughed hard with his evil cackle after I clicked, checked, groaned, and showed him his own handiwork. Zane!!)

By then we were getting tired, but B wanted to stop by the Calhoun Mansion (first seen here) because it was owned by John C. Calhoun's nephew and Thomas Clemson married John C. Calhoun's daughter and you know where we live now so Thomas Clemson is important to us so John C. Calhoun is important to us too. Nice run-on sentence, eh? Just wanted you to see how closely related we are to the Calhoun house. :)

Anyway, we set our course for the house, with many pauses in between to take pictures of the beautiful, tucked away scenes behind gates and in between residences. Happy sighs all the way. 

Finally we arrived at said Calhoun house and sat down for a few moments to admire/catch our breath.

Apparently the house is still a private residence, as shown by this little fellow who was absolutely oblivious to the throngs of folks coming in and out. My kids were jealous that he could just lay on the ground and nap! When asked whose cat it was, Brandon told the kids, "It's Bob Charleston's cat of course!" Many, many giggles. The kids love Brandon's jokes. Brandon loves that the kids love his jokes. :)

We knew it was time to eat lunch and head home, so I made Z snap one picture of us gals, and we hightailed it out of there.

We ate lunch at a yummy place called "Toast!" then got in the car and headed to the upstate. We were home by sunset! Totally awesome. Okay, so we had to stop four times on the way home. So not totally awesome. Still, closer than I ever dreamed. Hooray for Charleston, in our same state. Until next time...
St. Philip's Church. Couldn't remember the name of it last time we visited. 
There's a plaque in the cemetery outside the church that reads, "The only ghost at St. Philip's is the Holy Ghost." Awesome. 
Side note for safe keeping: when we got home Friday night (June 14), Soren stood alone for the first time! Milestone!


Jenneka said…
Seeing that shot of your whole family together, even though it's not a perfect picture, made my heart sing a little... remembering good times together. Can't wait to see you guys next month!
Alyson said…
I love that I recognize many of places in your pictures. Yeah!
alliehoopes said…
Oh how I want to visit you. One day I will make it happen