You know Stitch? I think Soren looks a bit like him.
You see he does this crinkle nose/show all (two) teeth thing. He kinda snorts too.
I hadn't mentioned the ears before, but now that I see it, hmm...

Soren's gone sports-pro on us. He loves this frisbee (and pot lid?) and will shake it, chuck it, bounce it, retrieve it, etc for many minutes. Also see that stuffed gator football in the far right corner below? Brandon got it for Zane when we lived in IDAHO and he went there to a football game, pre-grad school.
Sigh. We were always destined for Gville.
I'm off topic. Somehow that gator ball has remained in our repertoire of toys for 5+ years and now Soren LOVES to "shake shake shake let go" that thing towards anyone willing. 
I kinda forgot how fun this phase of little boydom is.
Ha! I just said "fun" on a day when this little prince woke up before 5am then cried whenever I wasn't holding him. For the rest of the day.
Oh except when he was great for Brandon who watched him at home this afternoon while I went to the dentist. They came and picked me up afterwards, Soren heard my voice, and cried again until we got home.
I am supposed to be the helper, not the enabler, right? It gets muddled.
Anyway, he's {finally} sleeping once more and therefore so must I.
 Soren you're maddening! Don't give me that dimple!
A nice gal here gave me these cute striped-and-kinda-like-jail-bird onesies and somehow Soren ended up in one for each of my photo shoots this week! One's dark blue, the other's light blue--I promise I didn't mess with the lighting THAT much.

 More crinkle Stitch noses. And big hair.
Beauties though, eh? 
Boydom. It's cool.


Emily said…
I see some similarities, but let's be honest, Soren is WAAAAY cuter than Stitch. (: And Zane's hair? Love it.