Funnies lately

Part of Zane's homework every night is to read for 15 minutes. Lucky for us he loves reading and this is an easy task, but occasionally he runs out of novels and has to go looking elsewhere. If Tilly were still with us, she would be delighted that his first option is almost always the archaic-but-charming Childcraft Encyclopedia collection she bought for us long ago and we've been carting around the country ever since (with love). However, if those aren't readily available, I usually find him cozied up on the couch with a blog book in hand. 
Best part about this? He giggles as he reads. Guffaws. Says stuff like, "Oh man, mom, you gotta read this!" 
Zane's laughter is like gold; it is pure, enthusiastic delight and includes wonderful sighs to catch his breath at the end.

Tonight after reading he said something like, "Man, these blog books are so great. When's the 4th one coming out?" Awesome, Z. Your praise does wonders to fuel my blog writing fire.

With all that in mind, here are a few funnies from our past couple of weeks:

Remember Z's past self portraits? Here's another for the books:
Hello I'm Zane. Please excuse me, I seem to have swallowed a very large BOX.
Z says almost all things correctly these days, but I did hear him say "You're my right hand-ed man!" while adventuring with his legos last week. Apparently right handed men are a very good thing!
Also from Z, last night we were talking about how the Lord uses imperfect people to do his work on earth. We talked about how Jesus was the only perfect person. Brandon said, "So yes, there was Jesus, but has anyone else been perfect?" "NOOO," came the reply from the peanut gallery. Brandon continued, "You're right! So what about the missionaries today? They're not perfect right? They make mistakes and still the Lord trusts them to do his important work!" Annie pipes in, "So the missionaries do bad stuff sometimes?" And before we can reply, Zane says, "Wait, so if I become a missionary, I'll turn evil?" 
Not what we had in mind, people. 
Luckily we still have 10 years to sort all that out.
Speaking of Annie and church things, turns out she's quite into equal opportunity these days. We've been memorizing scriptures for family home evening (trying to counteract the false doctrine we apparently teach somehow!) and anyway there's this verse in 2 Nephi that says, "Adam fell that men might be; and men are that they might have joy." Well, Annie thought about that for a little while, then said, "Hey what about Eve?" So now she bookends our recitation with, "And Eve fell that women might be; and WOMEN are that THEY might have joy." You go girl, miss Annie.

Speaking of Annie, she leaves drawings rolled up all over the house these days. I found this one the other night and couldn't pass it up. 
Makes me wonder what that little lady is thinking! And I mean "!"
I think that's all I've got tonight. Happy sighs. Life is sweet.


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