Botanical Gardens pt. 3

Sunday evening we went back to the botanical gardens to see what had happened since our last visit there with Hilary in early April.
Lots had happened.
Mainly in the form of green leaves. :)
The gardens were lush, the flowers blooming and beautiful, the trail cool and breezy under the canopy of trees.
People say it gets wicked hot and muggy here, but as of Sunday night things were still pretty fantastic.
Three cheers from our whole group. 
Zane had heard he almost got lost last time we were here, and he kept saying, "Can I please get lost again this time? I'll just go down this path, you guys go down that path." Annie was beside herself with horror, "NO ZANE!! YOU MIGHT GET LOST AGAIN!!"
Poor girl can't take a joke sometimes. Poor big brother can't help but make the joke anyway.
Soren looks on from above/behind, oblivious and blissful.
He hadn't slept through the night again in about 10 days. Read: I'm slowly going insane.
However, that morning an upper left tooth finally popped out. Hallelujah.
When we stopped at the lake together, I had to take a double take. When did Annie grow so tall?
And then my camera battery died. And everyone cheered. :)
Lovely evening together.
Still no alligators.
Speaking of Zane, here's a request picture from him "for the blog" and also for the lego club magazine?


gaylene said…
beautiful place! and we have lots of those "lego pictures" on our computer, too. somehow I just never get around to sending them to the magazine...
Kjerstin said…
Dallas wrote a letter to Lego...suggesting they make a Green Lantern set (I think). THEY WROTE BACK!!! That letter is one of his prized possessions :) I miss you! When are you visiting?