Blossoming Flowers

We have this towering Magnolia tree in our yard. I think it's 4 stories high. 
It too has begun blossoming.
The flowers are large from the get go, yet polite and compact in their opening presentation.
But don't be fooled. Just a couple of days later, they open wide and spread all the way out, petals reaching as far as their capacity allows.
And then, they are seriously huge.
Like Hawaiian plumerias on steroids.
 I can't help but draw similarities between these beautiful magnolia flowers and my own little blossoming Annie.
Last Friday was her last day at pre-school.
Her petals were stretched out as far as they could go.
Annie started preschool with a big heart and a lot of shyness. But as the year went on, she quickly opened up, enjoying every minute of her time in the "whale class," learning and growing by leaps and bounds.
She was almost the oldest and tallest in her class (side story: I finally met her first school crush who turned out to be almost 5 inches shorter than her--I could suddenly see what she was talking about when she would tell me "he's just a cute little whale") and I could tell that her teachers used her as an example and a friend throughout the year.
Even in the end-of-year program, Annie spoke first, introducing her classmates and the "fruits of the spirit" they'd been learning all year.
Her line: When we ask Jesus to live in us, His spirit stays in us, and gives (she said "gaves") us these fruits as we grow.
True words to ponder on from my fully blossomed little preschooler.
Annie, we are so proud of the beautiful gal you are, inside and out!
Kindergarten, here we come.


walt or jean said…
What a beatiful comparison of two unique Creations. She has truly blossomed. The gifts of the Spirit is such an appropriate theme for her to share with her classmates.