Soren loves to be in the backpack. He giggles and kicks as we try and get him situated, then sits up there content and quiet for as long as Brandon's back can take it.
Unless Brandon has a Clemson ball cap on--then Soren giggles even more as he pulls it right off, over and over.
He's been known to go for the glasses too.
Anyway, I'm so thankful both pops and babe are happy participants in this activity, because Soren has reached the point where he just cries and cries at my feet if I'm not giving him my full attention, and sometimes I just need some space.
Plus, it gets them outside. That is a very good thing.
And because I like to be with them, it gets me outside too.
Except wait, aren't I supposed to be doing whatever it was inside I needed to do that had the baby crying at my feet?
Forgotten. Instead? Pictures.
Notice how I have to try and not over-expose two bald heads now:

Wait, did someone say crookneck squash? Aren't those supposed to be JULY veggies? And is that a flower on our cucumber plant? 
This whole gardening in warm weather thing is totally awesome.

 Well hello, ladybug on the watermelon. These plants are probably doing the least well, so seeing this little critter was welcome news. 
Because you know, if the ladybug likes it, it's got to be good:

I still can't help but look up in awe:

Luckily I don't only have to look up to see pure beauty: 
Yahoo for little boys and borrowed backpacks.