Annie happies pt. 2

One morning I came out and saw Annie doing some artwork on the front room table. 
Then I noticed she'd already done some artwork on the front window. Can you see it?
Sigh. Love that lady.
We've done a second round of dancing this spring.
 Same teacher, same little dancer buddies, this time a bit less structured with an in-house-workshop-esque recital at the end.
Someone was still a little excited. 
I kinda think she looks like a superhero with body armor. Buff little lady.
How fun it is to watch your children thrive.
Soren came along and Stitched.
A bonus Zane funny. He's taken to listening to my itunes (which is a total random collection of who knows what). I interrupted this one day to ask a question. When he was finished answering, he said, "Can I get back to my rock 'n roll now?"
Rock on, little buddy.