Unexpected Blossoms

Just when we thought spring in SC couldn't get any more incredible in its colorful bursts, this bush in our front/side yard exploded.

This sometimes unassuming, sometimes downright ugly bush that visitors have had to be careful not to back into all year busted out 5 million gorgeous red blossoms, and that was that.
We couldn't take our eyes off the thing.

It gave me hope--turns out, even the yuckiest details (bushes) of life sometimes come through for you.
 I'm telling this to myself today after one of the hardest nights with baby S on record. Someday all this experience with crying non-sleepers is going to produce gazillions of good things, right?
It's a stretch, I know. But man, this bush got pretty. Had to share.
(ps--baby S DID get shots late last week--could this be the answer to the craziness? he's 77% for height, 28% weight. Tall, skinny, and grumpy between the hours of 2-4, then 5-7 am. Heavens.)


wyomingmom said…
Good think that tall, skinny sometimes grumpy Soren is sooooo cute.
Jenny said…
Beautiful bush! It looks like an azalea? And yes, those prickly, sometimes downright ugly moments with grumpy, ungrateful, ornery kids can blossom into amazing, brilliant beauty and joy! We just had Nate home for his spring break after his first semester at BYU-I and he bore his testimony in sacrament meeting...that was one of those blossoming moments for me!