Spring from my front porch

Last year at this time we here visiting/house hunting. Everything was as green as could be, but that didn't seem strange at all, coming from Florida where everything is green pretty much year round. 
While we were here, we had many people mention what a warm winter they'd had and how spring had come early and already gone. We nodded, whatever, it was cool.
Now I see what they meant.  We had missed some major early spring blossoming. Majorly lush, majorly colorful.
Green schmeen, people.
Fast forward to this spring. We had a wet, wet winter and I think we are now reaping the benefits, albeit a little later than last year.
Look at this beautifulness. These pictures are all taken looking into either our front or back yards.
Garden. Of. Eden.

In particular, we have this one crazy bush in front. We kept wondering if we should trim it down in the wintertime. We're sure glad we didn't. Hello yellow flowers.

It was overcast the morning of the above shots. The next morning was sunny and we returned outside for another round of happiness.
 Spring, we're sorry we missed you last year. Thanks for returning. Stay as long as you'd like.


Crystal Davis said…
So Beautiful!!! So Jealous!!!
That is so beautiful.
I told Chris we NEED to move somewhere where the grass could at least be green in April.
I am jealous of your spring beauty.
walt or jean said…
It snowed here this morning.