More Visitors from the West

Right after we returned home from Savannah, we had the good fortune of hosting Hilary and her girls for a couple of days. My kids had a great time with their cousins and I really enjoyed my time with Hilary + her littlest gal, Melissa. She is braver than me, flying standby with all three girls, flying first to us then to DC for a couple of days, getting in after midnight, and always running with a smile on her face. Our hats are off to you, Hil. Thanks for making the effort to come!

One afternoon while they were here, we decided to re-check out the botanical gardens. Katie, your visit and our attempt was like a scouting party--this time we knew where NOT to go, and Brandon drove us instead right to some really lovely stuff. And when I say Brandon drove us, I mean he took the big kids in the cruiser and we took pictures through the windshield of the fun. I sure loved the cruiser at that moment, as Hilary and I enjoyed a pleasantly quiet drive with the littles.
Thank you funny old car and driver!

The weather was warm and the gardens were quite beautiful with spring starting to emerge more fully:

The kids had fun walking, BOBing, and running through the trees. 
At one point Zane went missing.
After some nervous searching and finding, he explained: "There were all these trails and I thought to myself, I should just keep following these!"
Just "following the roads" is an old joke in our house, so we had to laugh; what could he say, he fits right in. Nevertheless, we told him to STAY IN SIGHT from there on out.

These girls found some actual wildlife in the small lake below.
My immediate thought was, "Oh no, they are standing too close to the edge, what about the alligators?"
You can tell where I've been living..
Nope, no alligators, just ginormous coy and some fun turtles.
(I'm pretty sure this last shot above will be fun to look back on in a few years. Will Morgan always be taller than Zane? Probably, come to think of it. 
Will Brynne's hair always be that beautiful color? Will Zane always wear black socks with his tennis shoes? )

We enjoyed the visit to nature (reminded us of our many show-and-tell walks to Lake Alice), and decided we will definitely be back to observe more of the changing seasons.

Here are the siblings. Love these dudes. 

And here are the really littles. Babies are beautiful, no? Another fun shot to look back on later: 

Thanks again, Hilary! It was a pleasure spending time with you gals.
Phew! Spring break is over, the kiddos are tucked in, 
General Conference was magnificent (especially Elder Holland's talk today!), and I'm going to bed a happy lady. 
Oh yeah, and Brandon's weekend was pretty great too:
Go Pokes! What, they weren't actually playing this weekend?


gaylene said…
haha...I've wondered how long it will take before I look at any body of water and wonder if there's a gator in it :)
Hilary said…
Such a fun trip! Thanks for making it well worth the 8-hour airport wait! :)