Mid-day Sun

There's this blog I love called the Word of Wisdom blog. 
It has all the "healthy changes" I'd follow if I were strong enough to eat/live the way I know I should eat/live to be healthy and feel great.
One recent post really sunk in deep and it wasn't even about food!  It was about the importance of seeking out a little mid-day sun every day.
We tried it out this week. Me and the littles. At least on the sunny days.

Alyson, your quilt has been deemed the "mid-day sun" quilt. Thank you. 
Hilary, note the green smoothie below. It's our new lunchtime drink. Just with water, no orange juice! Thanks for the tip!
(It was wacky Wednesday...shirt turned backwards. When I told her she could switch it back around, she said, "But mom, it's still wacky Wednesday." Rule follower, bless her heart.)

Motherhood isn't easy for me many times during the day. Right now for instance. It's 9:15pm and I. Am. Spent.
But mid-day sun hour? (or 12 minutes? Don't worry, I know about sun burns too, not going to happen on my watch.) 
Happy to be me.


Dashley said…
Loving these pics! Showed your blog to Kim Hill today and she got to enjoy your pretties too :)