Annie's got the gardening bug. Ever since we read some Winnie the Pooh and Friends book about planting a garden last fall, she's asked regularly if/when we can start our own. We've even got a little sticky note on our fridge with her helpful handwritten steps, gleaned from the book. 1-dig  2-plant  3-water  4-wait. 
We couldn't turn it back into the library until we'd copied the important stuff. 
Since spring has sprung here in SC, we decided to give in to our little green thumb and plant a few veggies. 
Hopefully we'll get to harvest some before trekking west this summer.
Oh Annie was so excited.
We went to the horticulture students' plant sale and brought home two tomato plants, two pepper plants, some basil, a cucumber plant, and a squash plant. All but the last two got put in pots in the sunny front yard. 
Then Annie asked when we were going to plant our REAL garden. Sigh. 
We got pea seeds and watermelon seeds and with the help of our pops got to work after dinner in the sunny spot behind the car port. 
Annie could not contain herself.
She had to do every step. 
And as she did every step, she smiled and sang and made swooning sounds.
"Sigh!" "Ah!" "MMM!!" 
It was as if she were planting little babies, putting them to bed, tucking them in. 
This girl has got it bad.
One cucumber mound, one crookneck squash mound, four short rows of peas, and 3 watermelons mountains (on the hill behind her) later, and we are officially gardeners, people.

 As you can see, Soren was a lot of help. So was Zane, who was upstairs playing Legos the whole time. I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know we have a garden now.
As for me, I limped through the entire day-o-planting, having jacked up my ankle the day before TAKING PICTURES OF SPRINGTIME BLOSSOMS for my BLOG and accidentally TRIPPING DOWN THE HILL in the back yard. I am unique.
Grow little garden grow! And while I'm at it, heal little ankle heal!


Tina said…
When I saw another post from you today I couldn't help but think you're a blogging fool right now. That's a good thing. :)
I love this: "I'm pretty sure Zane doesn't even know we have a garden now".
wyomingmom said…
It won't help a lot but I loved your flower pictures. Also think you are great for supporting what I think may become Annie's habit. The good thing is that she already knows the wait part - so might not drive you crazy with waiting and then you can have happy eating.