Garden Progress

Heaven bless little seeds that do what they say they will do. The package said the pea seeds would be up in 7-10 days and lo and behold, 8 days later, we started to see their little faces peek out of the ground. The picture above is about week after that. 
Reach for the sky little peas! Annie is the happiest girl on the planet.

The watermelon seeds are up too and look, the yellow squash plant hasn't died.

I love this early stage of gardening--it's still all hope, no failure. :)
And I just received some miracle-gro pellets from a gardener friend--we're golden for at least another 2 weeks, according to the commercial!

We are reaching more and more for the outdoors in the evenings.  They tell us this is the small window where it's warm but not hot and not humid at all--we'll take it and enjoy the heck. (And covet outdoor furniture.) This backyard is particularly full of exploration fun with tall trees, caterpillars, a bird's nest, carpenter bees, children with sticks trying to ward off carpenter bees, a mom telling children to PUT DOWN THE STICKS, and of course, 4 rows of peas. Oh yeah, and babies.
 (I include this last picture because Sweetie Peetie up there went back to 11 hours of straight sleeping last night. I'm sorry you all have to real time my joy/agony based on the subject. Believe me, I wish the roller coaster would finally be over with as well. I'll check in again tomorrow.)