Expounding on last weekend

Annie kept referring to our church's General Conference last weekend as "Jennifer Conference." 
"Mom, is Jennifer Conference on yet?"
"Mom, you mean what we learned in Jennifer Conference?"
She said it so much that it has stuck and I will probably have to call it that for the rest of our lives. It's like when Jonas said Disney World was fun and boring. And turns out, Jennifer Conference was kinda fun and boring, so it works. :)
Activities done during Jennifer Conference: fort building, BINGO (and perhaps a little "The Mark of Athena" reading), hand standing, you know, normal things.

Activities done between and after Jennifer Conference: Jump roping, sun basking, cul-de-sac strolling, sling using

Zane's blog worthy quote during Jennifer Conference happened near the end of Elder Holland's talk. Elder Holland said something like, "Hope on! Journey on!" and Zane, who had been listening for key words like "faith" and "scriptures" for BINGO, perked right up saying, "Journey, hey we like Journey! 'Don't stop believing! Hold on to that feeling!!"
At least he's catching the important stuff!


gaylene said…
I read this post out loud to Chris and laughed through the whole thing :D
It was fun to see Brandon the other night, but the kids kept asking if the rest of you guys were going to show up soon. Sorry guys, nope.