Easter weekend

We went to Savannah for the weekend!

Back up: I had been itching to have a little getaway for awhile now. But with Soren the car seat hater, I knew we couldn't really go far. We heard a rumor that some dear friends from Gville liked to frequent Savannah for Easter (supposedly only 4 hours from us!), so we decided to tag along.
It was magical.
I'm not even lying.
Maybe it was the great weather, cobblestone streets, and smaller, more walkable historic district.

 Maybe the beautiful old homes and numerous "squares" of green space and monuments in between each block. Great for resting, frisbee-ing, and easter egg hunting.

Maybe it was the fabulous, mossy live oaks everywhere. Reminded me of our swampy home. We sure miss that place.
Maybe it was the friends, for kids and adults alike.
Maybe it was having my husband fully present, without his laptop, willing to bjorn the babe.

(Note Zane the photo bomber above.)


Maybe it was the multiple churches on Easter Sunday, complete with horns and choirs and flowered doorways.
Or perhaps the horse-drawn carriage ride, the ice cream, the museum.

Maybe there were frankly too many goods to pinpoint just one.
Whatever the reason, we had a glorious time.
(Zane found this in the bushes. It's Abraham Lincoln meets Chuck Norris.  Hello Savannah.)

(My camera skills continue to be superior: girls out of focus, bushes in)

(The house behind Brandon there is very significant. I just can't remember why. :) Still, I took a picture. Check!)

And in case you think life is perfect in Savannah, just know this is how it really is:

Seriously, if you ever have the chance, go to Savannah! It is good for the soul.


Debbie said…
Awesome Michelle! What a beautiful city to visit.
gaylene said…
beautiful city! beautiful families! looks like an amazing weekend.
Tina said…
2 new sites:
Michelle in skinnies!
Soren has hair!

(And of course lovely Savannah)
teachergirl said…
you were like 25 minutes away from us. next time, come see us!