OLD MAID and blue eyes

Brandon has been working from home every so often lately. If you want to know where, specifically, just think back on how SPACIOUS our master bathroom is, and smile inside.  A little desk fits in there rather perfectly. Just saying.
Anyway, with B home, we're all a little more aware of what my stay-at-home days consist of.
In fact, more than once now, we have discussed how much the term "Groundhog's Day" rings true. 
Every day is a lot the same, and frankly, by the end of most days, I'm spent and a half.
Let's face it, by 3:30pm most days I'm spent and a half.
But there are still some moments (always before the 3:30pm brick wall hits) that shine out of the monotony.
One of my favorites right now is to sit on my rug (giggles from the crowd) in our sunny living room with a happy Soren, playing games with Annie.  
**note: Soren wants to crawl and therefore isn't happy on the rug for long, plus one wrong turn from me during the games results in a weeping Annie, so you see, my moment of contentedness described here is often just a moment.** 
Annie loves Go Fish and Candy Land and most of all, OLD MAID.
She is cool with the normal rules unless she is dealt Old Maid, in which case she says, "Hey mom, I have an idea, let's play the OTHER rules this time, you know, that the person with Old Maid WINS actually."
Regardless of the version played, she always reminds me, "Mom, I take from you, then you take from ME." Got it, lady. And she's always so thrilled to get a match every time she picks from me. It's great for the self esteem.

It's funny, this activity used to be no fun for me. Playing games with littles (as in years ago in ID and then FL) left me restless and feeling like I was wasting time (unless you were there HB, in which case it was barrels of fun). But something about B working in the other room helps me to remember to take a deep breath and feel blessed/lucky to be able to use my time chilling with my babies.
One of them has rather striking blue eyes, I'm not sure I've told you about that yet.
I also like the adult company, even if there are two closed doors between us.
Because let's face it, even though I'm able to be more content this time around, by 3:30pm I'm still spent and a half. :) 
Any suggestions on how to make it through those last FIVE hours before bedtime? :) Caffeine? Frozen Lasagna?


gaylene said…
This is SO true. I'm hyper aware of how mundane and repetitive my days are whenever Chris works from home. Good for us for keeping it up :)
And old maid, blue eyes, and frozen lasagna are all things that definitely make the days manageable...
Lucky Day said…
I recently went through our mundane week, in a schedule to help M schedule when to practice. It's really helped us. We don't stick to it every day, or week, but sometimes when she's asking me "What are we doing now?" I ask her to look at the schedule. Lo and Behold, there are activities we're to be doing. P works at home every day. In the beginning I felt more of a need to be "doing something". But now after a year I'm accepting that it's enough to make sure nobody dies. And cooking and cleaning happen... It helps to have a really appreciative husband.
Ginger said…
So I'm halfway into 4 weeks of sitting on my couch with my broken ankle propped up. I totally think about "groundhogs day" everyday. There has been lots of computer, tv, and angry birds around here. Wow, I hate it, but I read a quote by Sister Hinkley the other day that has helped, "This about your particular assignment at this time in your life. It may be to get an education, it may be to rear children, it may be to be a grandparent.......our assignments are varied and they change from time to time. Don't take them lightly. Give them your full heart and energy. Do them with enthusiasm. Do whatever you have to do this week with your whole heart and soul". I've come to realize that one thing that I have is "time" and I need to make the most of it. I shouldn't sit here and think about all the stuff I should be doing. I just need to sit and be. Be here for my healing. Be here for Brian and Joy. Etc. And when 3:30 comes, then you put on a movie so that you can make dinner in peace.:)
wyomingmom said…
I think Annie is on to something. I like the way she thinks of rules.