Mid-March is here and you know what that means

It means that daylight savings was today, and it's now the new 10:06 pm and my baby is not at all asleep like he should be but in fact wide eyed and babbling "dadadada bababa eueueue" nearby.
Babies don't really get the whole "better go to sleep an hour early" thing.
Come to think of it, this baby's up too late, even for that.
Oh, I am so so tired. But that's not the point of this post. Move on Michelle.

This week, it finally (!! I know it's only mid-March; I'm from Florida, remember?) got warm enough to spend afternoons outside. We were oh so happy to oblige.
The first afternoon was nippy but sunny so we braved it in our fleece and fuzzy hoods.
Can't miss an opportunity to throw/eat torpedos, after all.
Or climb trees or....eat more torpedos. 
 We even had some springtime buddies come to the outside party.
 I remembered I like pictures taken with this {real} camera, as well as the process of getting them on the computer/admiring my sweet kiddos in full color/remembering how good I have it.  I will try to do a bit more recording this way after all.
I reread Pres. Uchtdorf's story today about biking with his wife, and how life is about enjoying the journey, not just getting to the end of the race.
I needed to remember that.
Springtime helps me remember that.
68 degrees and sunny REALLY helps me remember that.
So happy they have both arrived. Hope they stay awhile.
Sound byte of note today: 
Annie, in prayer: "And please help dad to show mom he loves her by not snoring tonight when he sleeps."
Baby is still cooing behind me. 
Curse you, daylight savings.


walt or jean said…
The master photographer, Michelle. Photos entitled "BOY IN RED HAT." Classic. Better than Rembrandt or Monet could do with their primitive medium. Nice work. You are a pro.
You are awesome Michelle. Blogging once a week is way better than my blogging every couple of months and forgetting what happened in between :) Today was warm here too. FINALLY. Nice photos! Everyone needs a "real" camera! Get that baby to bed.