Late March Happenings

Late March activities:
Most happily, cousin Katie came to visit last weekend (hooray for work bringing her to Atlanta!) and brought with her the smiles and enthusiasm that were both seriously needed.  (Soren hadn't been sleeping well and regular everydaynesses had been pretty rough.) We laughed, we ate, we tried to see flowers at the Botanical Gardens and failed, we ate some more, we had a really nice visit. Katie, you're the best. And I'm not just saying that because you brought me five packs of "Only Bananas" from TJs. Thank you for coming! The rest of you, follow her example! 

Zane tried to persevere through pictures, but by the third shot, the sun was too much. :) At least we tried!

Speaking of Zane, March Madness brackets were recently filled out, and for the first time he was actually into the competition. Brandon even got a couple of hours of watching games out of him, at least while our free CBS viewing lasted. Then, Gonzaga lost (his pick for the winner of the tournament) and I feared the worst. Would he be heart broken? He was so, so into it. B told him the news and you could see his face fall a little. "Are you okay buddy? That's bummer news, I know," I told him. He shrugged and said back, "Well, they don't call it march madness for nothing!" And then went happily on his way. What a fellow. 
Oh yeah, and he wants to grow his hair out. It's driving me bonkers.

Spring continues to tease us, sending warm days in between the really chilly ones. Walks include different costume changes, depending on the moment:
At least there's no snow, right? Still, we are ready for the warmth to come and STAY.
The trees think it's spring. I think these gorgeous ones are Dogwoods? Popcorn popping!
A couple weeks back we took the missionaries from our church out to eat at the local BBQ place.  While we waited for them to arrive, the kids bonded with the hula hoops and corn hole game. It was one of those ideal moments in life. Hula hoops and BBQ, what else could we ask for?
Now for the biggest news: after about going crazy from lack of sleep, I finally had to let Soren just cry one early morning after Katie left.  Something about it being 4:30am-about 6:45am didn't seem so mean, even if it meant that 3 minutes after he finally went to sleep I had to get up with the big kids.
Having reached a point of no return, I decided there would be no more eating between 8pm-8am.  This chunky kid is almost 9 months old, for crying out loud!
I prepared for the worst the next night, moving Annie across the house into Zane's room and donning ear plugs for myself.  He went down at 8:30, me at 9:03pm. Well you won't believe it but the next thing I heard was my alarm clock at 6:50am. 
Ok so I'm lying.
Actually when B came to bed at 11 there was some fussing going on in the next room.  But the ear plugs (and did I mention Tylenol pm?) had me pretty far away from the present at that moment, and I was able to stay in bed and groggy for the 15 or so minutes until it was quiet again. He slept, I slept, then my alarm sounded.
It was a miracle.
Last night, same thing.
Slept. All. Night.
All I can hope is that tonight's third time will be the charm and we can honestly say we're on to a whole new world.
Let's hope I didn't just spoil it with my enthusiasm.
Things might be looking up again, folks.
More exciting {house} news soon.  The future is bright!


gaylene said…
LOVE zane's hair :D
Tina said…
enthusiasm spoils nothing, crazy lady
wyomingmom said…
Grandpa decided to take lessons from his grandchildren. March Madness - who cares? He is working on not waking up at night and trying to grow a dimple. Is that possible?
Katie said…
Had a wonderful time with your beautiful family. Thanks for teaching me to make pizza dough, and letting me love on your babies! Love you guys! (And Chipotle!) :)