A Touchy Subject and other things

Okay folks, I usually try not to delve into touchy subjects on my little blog, but I had to go there this time. I apologize beforehand.
Dun, dun, dun, you know what I'm talking about......it's PINEWOOD DERBY TIME.
I have been told before that the Pinewood Derby may or may not be some people in this family's (ahem dad, ahem jon) least favorite activity on the planet.
Hence why I hesitate to show you the elaborate process by which our son's pinewood derby TRUCK came to fruition.
Yes, I said truck.
B asked Z to find a hot wheels car he'd like to model his car after.
He came back with a cherry red old-timer truck.
That's when the magic began.
First step, carve the thing out. To Zane's dad's defense, the whole pack had a car carving party at the Akela's house. 
So all the kids had a chance to use the fancy cutting tools, etc.
Still, when I told Zane this first step looked awfully impressive, he shrugged and said, "Well my dad IS an engineer, after all."
Uh oh, B's secret was out.
:) They spent days sanding and painting, sanding and painting.  Someone might have lost interest before someone else and needed the enthusiasm of a little sister to push him along.
Oo, someone had to exercise a lot of self control in order to let someone else do most of the work.
In the end, Zane had a cherry red truck with green zigzags up the side, hauling gold rocks like it was nobody's business.
It came in dead last.
But Z got a trophy for "best looking car," so he was happy.
Sigh. Next year the plan is to get two. One for Z and one for his little sister.
Here's a little side tongue action from you-know-who. He's got skillz. 
Next post: Annie's new favorite pastime and more baby!


gaylene said…
our cars always come in last too :)
that's funny, i just read another blog post about these cars and the dad does circuitry and they had a cop car w/ actual flashing lights that the son soldered. It's a great red truck! Nice work lol