One note wonders

I looked at my phone's picture roll to see what's been filling our lives lately; apparently it's one thing and one thing only. He sits! Seven months old, consider it documented. He sits until he doesn't sit anymore, when he either face plants or side plants, or, you get the picture.
I was a little worried I was suffering from third child syndrome and not taking enough pictures of big milestones, but I guess I've got this one covered.
Ps: the boys are in the next room making more spelling sentences. "The floor tastes like candy." Then lots of giggles.


gaylene said…
Too cute! And he's not the same baby who left Gville all those months ago.
(also, congrats on your exciting news -- it's beautiful!)
ericdstone said…
Cutest mini brandon ever. I think he gets the sit-and-face plant-skills from brandon too.
Nick said…
Third child syndrome! Third children are the best!