Well hello. Another week has passed, for better or for worse. Life moves forward, whether you record every moment or not! Here are some highlights from this week:

Soren, like other children of mine before him, doesn't love to sleep. I know I know, last time I mentioned this aspect of our life, I made it sound like he blissfully nodded off to sleep with ease--and he did, that ONE time.  Since then, however, he's jumped back into the camp of non-sleeper, just like we all knew he would. Maybe some of you are also struggling with non-sleepers and this admission makes you feel better. I hope so, then at least one of us would be happy!

Anyway, so we try and try to keep schedules and let him cry it out and all the rest of that nonsense--and sometimes it works (like tonight) and sometimes it doesn't (like last night when he cried for 2 hours straight at bedtime, then was so upset he woke up 12 more times before the morning light reared its head)--and that's why I'm writing tonight, in the blissful silence, instead of last night.

I take it personally. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. I'm bad at being bad at things and I am BAD at getting my children to sleep (and even worse at keeping them there!). I am baffled.  Please, don't worry about me and don't even comment to try and make me feel better. :) I know it is just a phase, and bottom line, I love my little buddy even if he is a non-sleeper. And even if he drives me mad because of it. Seriously, how could you not love this face?

Look, he sleeps SOMETIMES:

Sigh. Every day is another chance at him mastering the sleeping skill (and another chance for me to try and not worry so much when he doesn't). 

Soren still doesn't like the binky, at least not to suck on.  He's taken to chewing the heck out of it, especially this one when his thumb gets stuck and he's chained to it:
A baby who uses the binky except doesn't actually use it as a binky.  He's an out of the box thinker, what can he say?
On to other life aspects.  Annie is a silent hero at our house. And when I say silent, you all know that doesn't mean without Annie-freak-outs on a daily basis.  Still, I wanted to highlight her rather lovely way of going about life: she tinkers and dabbles and sometimes whole heartedly dives in and accomplishes great  things--as long as no one is watching. She is helpful and patient (EVER SO PATIENT as I often say, "I can do that AFTER I help the baby....") and loving and forgiving. She pays attention to everything, is suspicious of most things, and learned this week she actually LIKES couscous! She says "next day" instead of "tomorrow" and she knows every step of breakfast muffin making by heart. 

Finish the first level in these piano books for early learners? Check. Don't listen mom! Can I get a sticker for this one mom? Only, don't listen mom!

Soren's crying, mom! I tried to help him but he's just crying! I couldn't help him, but I got a good picture for your blog, mom!

Tea parties for as many stuffed animals as will fit at the table? Check. Can Baa Baa pray this time, mom?

Sigh. Baa Baa. An old friend at this point.

What about Zane, you ask? He woke up last Saturday morning and asked, "Can I make a power point presentation?"
He was a Komodo Dragon. Sorry to spoil the surprise. :)

Also this week: B fixed the starter in his cruiser (incredible!) and I joined a gym (even more incredible!).
We'll let you know which "on again" streak lasts longer.


gaylene said…
aww...I miss that sweet girl!
wyomingmom said…
I am so impressed you can teach piano silently.